Social Enterprise

Life Connections CLG is a Social Enterprise, as defined by the National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland Definition, 2019. This policy states that “A Social Enterprise is an enterprise whose objective is to achieve a social, societal or environmental impact, rather than maximising profit for its owners or shareholders. It pursues its objectives by trading on an ongoing basis through the provision of goods and/or services, and by reinvesting surpluses into achieving social objectives. It is governed in a fully accountable and transparent manner and is independent of the public sector. If dissolved, it should transfer its assets to another organisation with a similar mission.”

LIFE CONNECTIONS was a participant in Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Academy West 2018 – it was a wonderful opportunity to be supported in the development of the offering. We were also participants in the 2019 SEI Bootcamp in Croke Park.

SEI Bootcamp 2019 – Croke Park
#SEI Alumni stories @ SEI Academy South Bootcamp 2019, Republic of Work, Cork
Academy 2018